Best selling car in Europe – Tesla Model Y

Another blow to the German car industry as Tesla Model Y becomes the best selling car in Europe during November. Not just electric cars but all cars. And not for the first time.

We have seen the Model Y and Model 3 become increasingly popular and have often been at the top of the sellers charts in many countries, France, UK, Germany and of course Norway.

Data from Automotive News Europe shows Tesla delivering close to 20,000 Model Y across Europe in November. – Reported by Electrek.

Tesla sold 19,144 units of the premium midsize SUV, a gain of more than 260 percent on the same month last year. It was a big rebound for the electric model after it fell out of the top 50 in October, just one month after finishing as Europe’s overall top-seller.

With Gigafactory Berlin continuing to ramp production we expect the sales volumes to continue to increase. Tesla recently announced the Giga Berlin production passed 3,000 cars / week.

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