Type 2 – Type 2 Spring Charging Cable 32 Amp Green

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Type 2 to Type 2 Electric Car Charging cable. 32 Amp.

Most European electric cars including the BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volvo, Porsche and Mercedes as well as Tesla use a Type 2 in-car connection. The vast majority of public charge points offer a Type 2 connection. These include the charge points used at Waitrose, Sainsbury, ChargePoint.


This Type 2 – Type 2 Cable permits 32Amps of charge to flow into the vehicle.

Cable is coiled 5m long and available in Green. A coiled cable stays off the ground and helps keep the cable clean and dry.


Type 2 to Type 2 – More details:

Type 2 is the form factor used on most public change points through the UK and Europe.


Tesla, Volvo and the German EV manufactures producing the BMW i3, i8, VW e-Golf, Audi A3 e-Tron, Porsche Panamera PHEV require this Type 2 Female to Type 2 male cable.


Our cables are 5 M in length and available in Green. They are rated at single phase for 32 Amps of current.


Our Map Page provides a good and easy to use page listing local charge points. See Charge Points.


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Type 2  to Type 2 32A EV Coiled Charging Cable

Model: EV-CHC-002-SG

Rated current: 32A

Working voltage: 240V AC

Insulation resistance: > 1000M Ω

Terminal temperature rise: <50K

Withstand voltage: 2000V

Contact impedance: 0.5m Ω Max

Vibration resistance: Meet JDQ 53.3 requirements

Working temperature: -30°C ~+ 50°C

CE, TUV approved

Charging Cable Spec

TUV or UL 3*6.0mm2+2*0.5mm2

Cord length: 5m



Shell Material: Thermo Plastic ( Insulator inflammability UL94 VO)

Contact Pin: Copper alloy, silver or nickel plating

Sealing gasket: rubber or silicon rubber.

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