Using a Type 2 to Type 1 adaptor with a Tesla Wall Charger

We have a considerable number of clients who drive a Tesla and have subsequently purchased another pure EV more often than not a Nissan LEAF as a second EV.

With an existing Tesla charger the question we are often asked is how to charge a LEAF with a Type 1 connection from the Type 2 Tesla Wall charger.


T2 – T1 Adaptor

The Type 2 – Type 1 adaptor or converter enables you to charge a Type 1 car like the LEAF version 1 or the Outlander from any single phase Type 2 outlet.

However there are a few points to understand with the Tesla chargers and we have spoken to many different residential and commercial customers about their Tesla charger setup.

These are the key points to bear in mind.

For newer Tesla wall chargers that are bought for domestic purposes, when the wall charger is plugged in, it uses SWCAN to communicate with Teslas (the Leaf does not use this, it uses J1772 signalling). After 30 seconds of being plugged in without any communication via SWCAN the Tesla wall charger will revert to “Legacy” J1772 signalling. Then the LEAF will respond. – So wait 30 seconds for a sign.

tesla-wall-connector open

For some Tesla charges – specifically those bought as “Tesla only destination chargers” – the switching does not happen automatically as it requires a configuration change.

A Dip Switch needs to be changed in the charger. The manual for the domestic chargers documents this switch as “Switch Position 2: DIP Switch Position 2 should always be in the UP position.” – where the UP position is “Normal (SWCAN) Communication”. On the inside of the wall charger there is a sticker which says “Dip Switch 2 | Function: Communication | Up (ON): Normal | Down (OFF): Legacy* | * Contact Tesla before using this setting”.

The “DOWN” setting will force the wall charger to only use J1772 signalling, and it will not use SWCAN. Tesla vehicles can communicate in J1772 protocol, so with the position set to DOWN both Leaf and Tesla will charge.

3 replies on “Using a Type 2 to Type 1 adaptor with a Tesla Wall Charger

  • Dario

    Hey, this article seems to be very useful.
    It’s been a while since it was written and wanted to double check.
    You mentioned the newer chargers don’t need to have the DIP switch changed down as they seem to change communication automatically, is that the case for the current EU Tesla Wall chargers?
    I want to buy a Tesla Wall Charger (Ireland) to be future proof when I get a Tesla next year, but I have a 2014 Leaf (version 1 with Type 1 connector). I went to a hotel the other day and I couldn’t charge with the Tesla Wall charger they had (not the ones marked for Tesla only, but the one marked for General EV Charging).
    It seemed to start charging but would stop after about a minute.
    Should I be able to charge either with the charger doing it automatically or with the DIP switch down?
    Thanks a lot


    I have a 2012 LEAF that would not charge using adapters on three ~2013 legacy HPWC Tesla Destination Chargers set at 80 amps. When the chargers dip switches were set lower to 64 amps then the LEAF connected fine.


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