Visit to Tesla Store in Seattle

Recently we were walking through the Bellevue shopping mall on the way to the Apple store when we came across a rather startling store. There amongst the shoes, clothing and watches of Washington was a Tesla store showing a bright white Model S.

This is not a showroom in the classic sense of a car dealer but it shows the car and colour and trim options as well as the price and order form.

It looked very classy and the store had taken a number of orders with deposits. The mall is surrounded by a number of technology firms including Microsoft stuffed with the sort of consumers who should be interested in a Tesla S.

Take a look at these images:

Tesla Model S in Bellevue Store
Tesla Model S in Bellevue Store - Right windowTesla Model S in Bellevue Store - Driver windowTesla Model S in Bellevue Store - Store FrontThe Tesla Model S is now available. It looks absolutely first class, just as good as a BMW and about the same size a 5 series. The specs are pretty impressive: With the large battery pack the car offers 300 miles range at 55 MPH. An acceleration time of  sub 6 seconds to 60 MPH and of course no emission.

The fit and finish of the show car was outstanding. And look at the full-sized display.

You can place a deposit for a mere $5,000 USD. Tempted?

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