Tesla open new Weybridge store

We received an invitation to attend the launch party of the latest Tesla UK store in Weybridge, Surrey.
This sales location is housed in an old Honda shop that has been vacant for some time. Tesla have transformed the building in a high street store with plenty of passing traffic.
Weybridge is an affluent area close to Walton-On-Thames, Woking and Cobham.
The event was attended by a surprising large number of Model S owners who flooded the car park with a diverse spectrum of model S.
Inside was a red Model s and the ubiquitous drive train of a D variant with motors front and back.
The keynote speaker was UK Country Manager Georg Ell, who gave an update on the UK charging stations, stores locations and general plans for Tesla in the UK and Ireland.
Just one day after the most recent earnings call, when Elon gave a big picture general update, not a whole lot of news was divulged as expected. It was good to learn the expansion plans for the Superchargers as well as destination charging, where Hotels and the like install fast charge points. The company also expects to launch a pre – owned offering for used models, currently only a handful of used Models S are available. This will replicate the US version where a Pre Owned section is on the website. As more D versions arrive in the UK and existing owners upgrade we expect more used Models S to become available.
We left with a nifty model Supercharger about 5 cm high and a Tesla coffee cup.
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