Tesla Model S gets upgrade to 402 miles on a charge under EPA testing

The latest Tesla Model S Long Range has a range of 402 miles on a single charge under the USA’s testing EPA guidelines.

This comes after a previous rating capped the Long Range variant at 391 miles — a rating with which Elon Musk took issue, claiming the agency left the door open and the key in its tester overnight, draining the battery by 2%.

According to Tesla, all Model S Long Range vehicles made in 2020 are equipped to hit this EPA rating.

With a 402-mile range, the latest version of 2020 Model S Long Range can go 20% farther on a charge than the 2019 model. Tesla detailed the tweaks and upgrades needed to cross the 400-mile mark.

To squeak out the extra range, Tesla installed several upgrades in the latest version of the Model S Long Range. Tesla says the “standardisation of Tesla’s in-house seat manufacturing” lead to a significant weight loss. The automaker also redesigned its aero-focused wheels and used different tires specifically engineered to reduce rolling resistance. An electric oil pump replaced a mechanical version, and the gearbox was tweaked in some way that helped contribute to the increased range.

Tesla engineers also reworked the Model S’s regenerative braking system, too. A new drive feature called HOLD

Hold blends the motor’s regenerative braking with physical brakes to bring our cars to a stop by easing off of the accelerator pedal.

This system works at a lower speed than previous iterations and can send more energy back to the battery pack.

The 400-mile range represents a significant milestone for Tesla. The range is considerably farther than competing electric vehicles, and 400 miles per charge is nearly the same as ICE vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

European versions are measure under the WLTP system and here Tesla Model S Long Range scores 379 miles.

Of course your mileage will vary depending on the vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, driving style and operating, environmental and climate conditions.

WLTP standard may be useful in comparing ranges among electric vehicles.

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