Tesla confirms UK pricing

UK price for Model S – starts at less than £50,000

News from Tesla today that the UK price is set. At the launch event Elon said that the price will be announced with weeks, and guess what he was dead right. We received an email first thing this morning. The full details are below: We were expecting low £50,000. This price includes the £5,000 EV rebate and is of course the lower powered 60KWh model S. Even so that’s not a bad price.

Of course the more you drive the more you save per mile and the more London visits the more you save: Tesla also included a link to the London event.


The most common question we were asked was “how much will it cost?” We are now announcing UK pricing for Model S, which will start at an on-the-road price of £49,900.

Aside from the competitive base price of Model S within the luxury saloon segment, there are numerous other financial benefits that affect the “total cost of ownership” and make Model S even more compelling. Thanks to these additional savings, not only will you be driving the most advanced vehicle on the road today, but you’ll also be saving money on fuel, road and showroom taxes, and congestion charges. In total, Tesla owners can save over £20,000 over a five year period when comparing Model S to its closest UK competitors.

As a Tesla owner, you can say goodbye to expensive stops at petrol stations because your Model S can plug in and charge from any electrical outlet, including Tesla’s free supercharger network. Assuming an annual mileage of 15,000 miles, your fuel costs should decrease by around £8,000 over a five year period when compared to a typical premium ICE saloon (based on current petrol prices and assuming no increases over the coming years).

If you add in the savings from initial showroom and annual road taxes, Model S savings against comparable vehicles in its category increase to over £9,050 from your after tax income.

Currently, drivers of ICE-powered cars face an annual fee of £2,250 when entering into central London’s Congestion Charge Zone – yet another fee that Model S owners will be able to avoid altogether – which equates to savings of another £11,250 over five years.

Model S is also very attractive from a monthly financing perspective. If you take a typical
£800 per month financing payment for a premium ICE saloon, the comparative monthly cost for Model S would be only £465. In line with Tesla’s worldwide policy, the Model S residual value will be guaranteed at the highest level of any premium saloon brand when financed through approved UK banking partners, which will be announced in the coming months.

UK residents who purchase Model S as a company car will benefit from a 0% Benefit-In-Kind (BIK) rate until April 2015, after which the BIK is set to a rate of 5%. Compared to the standard BIK rates of 24-28% for a typical premium ICE saloon, this incentive helps make Model S even more attractive to corporate clients. For further details on the full savings Model S ownership brings, please contact a member of our sales team, or visit our new store in Westfield London.

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