Tesla amps up Q1 production to 25,000 cars

Tesla shipped a record 25,000 cars in the first quarter of this year, up by 69 per cent from the year before.

Of those, 13,450 were the Model S and 11,550 were the Model X SUV, showing the latter was catching up with the flagship Model S vehicle. Tesla also posted a production record of 25,418 cars.

tesla-model-x at Detroit Exterior

tesla-model-x at Detroit – Exterior

Tesla noted that the real number of vehicles shipped this quarter is actually a shade higher than the figures suggest, as Tesla only counts a car as delivered once it’s actually in customers hands and “all the paperwork is correct” — a fairly straightforward definition of delivered. “Final numbers could vary by up to 0.5%,” it added.
It suggested momentum for next quarter was strong, with 4,650 cars already on their way to customers at the end of the month.
Sunday’s report indicates Tesla is on track to hit its forecast of 47,000 to 50,000 deliveries in the first half of 2017.
Chief Executive Elon Musk said recently that the Palo Alto company will produce 5,000 cars a week later this year after production begins in July on the new Model 3. A production rate of 5,000 per week implies 65,000 per quarter or over two and a half times the current run rate.

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