How to convert your Type 1 LEAF charger to charge your Tesla Model 3

When your replace your Nissan LEAF V1 with a Tesla Model 3 you need to change your charging cable

Like many LEAF customers who have enjoyed the LEAF experience and now replaced the trusty Nissan with a Tesla Model 3 you need to switch your now redundant Type 1 change cable to a Tesla Type 2 cable. If you have a Type 2 socket then all you need is a new charging cable: Any 32 AMP single phase will suffice. We like the 5M coiled cable.


However if like many people you have a tethered Type 1 cable you need an adaptor to switch the Type 1 end to a Type 2 connection. This will then permit the tethered Type 1 cable to charge yu new Model 3.

How does it work in practice?

Starting with this:

Nissan LEAF with tethered Type 1 cable. You can see the charger behind the LEAF with the car connected and in the second image the Type 1 cable returned to the charger.

leaf with type 1 tethered cableleaf with type 1 tethered

Using the Type 1 – Type 2 converter you just plug the existing cable into your Tesla Model 3.  One end of the cable has a Type 1 socket the the existing cable clamps to and the Type 2 end fits into the Tesla charger port.

The green light on the charger flap shows the Tesla is charging.

tesla model 3 with type 2 convertor chargingtesla model 3 with type 2 convertor


Problem solved with this handy Type 1 – Type adaptor.  Use your existing Type 1 insftracture to charge your Telsa or any other Type 2 car: