VW Audi at it again – Shock

We though the Dieselgate was winding down and consumers were starting regain trust in VW it seems that there is more to cloud the air. Yes more allogations of fixing. This time software to reduce CO2 embeded in the gearbox.
Reuters report that Germany’s Bild am Sonntag uncovered that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) discovered software in an automatic transmission used by Audi to hide emissions, this time in both gasoline and diesel cars.
According to the report, the software discovered by CARB, which was installed in vehicles with certain automatic transmissions, detected whether a car’s steering wheel was turned. If it was not, indicating laboratory testing conditions, the software turned on a gear-shifting program which produced less carbon dioxide than in normal road driving. If the wheel was turned in any direction by more than 15 degrees, the program was switched off, the paper said.
The Bild am Sonntag report claimed Audi stopped using the transmission-liked defeat device in May 2016 and that CARB found it in a vehicle built prior to this date.
The discovery, which was reportedly made in the summer, may explain why the Justice Department has told the VW Group to refrain from making public the results of law firm Jones Day’s independent investigation into the original diesel emissions cheating scandal at the automaker. The request by the Justice Department was said to be due to the desire to keep confidential details linked to other probes.

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