Mia at Goodwood Festival of Speed

At the great Goodwood Festival of Speed there is always a Future Tent where the advanced motoring concepts and ideas are to be found. This year was no exception with a number of interesting vehicles, including a pair of MIA cars.

Mia at GoodwoodInside the tent was a new 3 seater Mia in white while outside on the Goodwood grass was a Mia van. They looked a little strange next to the concept cars from Toyota and Mazda. However the Mia is real and you can buy one today in the UK. 

Goodwood had a number of interesting EV vehicles – The GM Volt and Vauxhall Ampere were on display. The most interesting in terms of clever was the Volvo Plug in diesel hybrid. To be reviewed in detail.

<Mia at Goodwood

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