New Leaf on the horizon

Nissan amps up marketing for the new Leaf
While we have not seen the new Nissan Leaf we are being leaked information from Japan.
The latest plug is a graphic.
new leaf
From this we learn that the new Nissan LEAF will feature an improved aerodynamic design that makes it even more efficient. Lower drag gives longer range this impacts the car’s range especially at higher motorway speeds.
Aerodynamics is key to how efficiently an electric car moves. Less drag and better stability enable the vehicle to drive longer distances before having to recharge.
The redesigned next-generation Nissan LEAF is lower to the ground, helping it realize zero lift for better stability at high speeds. Other new design features significantly stabilise the car when hit by strong cross winds.
Inspired by airplane wings, Nissan engineers recreated the ideal shape for the new LEAF, enabling a symmetric air flow that helps it slice through the air for a smoother, more efficient journey.
Still no firm news on a UK date. We expect that will change with the official reveal on 6 September.
Rumours indicate Nisan have been busy the new Leaf  has been engineered to maximise range with a slipperier exterior helping the model to be capable of driving for up to 340 miles on each charge. Will it remain a Type 1 car or switch to a Type 2 car as the Toyota Prius has done?
Will the existing LEAF continue or be replaced?

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