Diesel Scandal expands in Germany

More bad news for Audi

German publication Bild reports that emissions cheating software has been found by investigators in Audi A8 cars.

The government has asked that about 250K cars by recalled by Audi to address the issue.


Germany prosecutor expands investigations against Audi

The Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office is expanding its investigation into Audi’s alleged fraud.
In this case, car sales in Germany and Europe, not just as in the US, are now included, said a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office on Friday.
It was found, as before, on the basis of suspicions of fraud and criminal prosecution. However, the German Federal Motor Vehicle Agency (KBA) did not receive any up-to-date information on possible exhaust gas fraud.
Two Audi models have been flown with illegally manipulated exhaust gas purification!
The research commission of Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) came up with the luxury model Audi A8 Automatic with a V6 and V8 TDI engine (built 2009 to 2013) of cheating software.
The illegal software detects when the vehicle is on a test stand in the workshop. There, all exhaust gas purification systems are properly commissioned, but switched off in long-range operation over long distances.
Source Bild

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