Right Prescription? Road Ready!

A recent government survey done by Brake in conjunction with the DVLA and auto insurer RSA showed 26% of drivers had not had their vision tested in the past two years. Additionally, the survey reveals 9% of drivers who need glasses or lenses do not always wear them when driving.

RSA also says research indicates that not having good vision while driving accounts for over 2,900 road casualties a year. Having and wearing prescription glasses when driving is as important as taking care of your car, especially for the driving enthusiast. When you’re one with the road, clear eyesight is a top priority. While there’s no one size fits all prescription, a good optician makes sure your eyes are ready for the road. The right prescription maximises your vision for precision timing around those rolling hills, smooth curves and sharp turns. If you value your ability to drive without restriction, get your eyes checked. Not having clear vision is against the law.

driving with glassesThe Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) states that drivers must be able to meet an appropriate eye standard, which includes reading a numbered plate from at least 20 metres away. Don’t meet the guidelines? Your insurance is invalid and you are driving illegally. Be careful with tinted shades or glasses too. The law includes the provision that you cannot wear them at night or in poor light due to dark lenses affecting your vision.

For day driving, The AA recommends having prescription sunglasses as a viable option for seeing the sights – clearly. It’s important to get your eyes checked every year to make sure your vision is in tip-top condition. You want to be able to see everything up close and personal when you attend those petrol head events, and you’ll need to drive to get there. Glasses take the strain off your eyes, especially if you’re driving for long periods of time. Take care of your vision like you take care of your interest in cars and driving. Keep yourself in the driver’s seat – it’s no fun in the back. With the right prescription, you’ll always be road ready.