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  • EO_cloud

    EO – ALM Load Management


    The eoALM is a Smart-charging, load management module that compliments the eoMini and eoBasic range when multiple charger points are instaalled.

    The way it works –  

    • The eoALM module can connect up to 6 x eoMini’s or eoBasic’s
    • eoALM regulates the power on the chargers to ensure the power never exceeds the homes supply limit – great for 2 EV households, apartments, small businesses.
  • EOBASICHome_charger

    EO Home Charger


    Our EOL Basic Home charger is designed for charging-up at home. With no software, just plug in and instantly get a charge. No nonsense. Just a simple plug and play charging solution.

    • OLEV Compliant = Charger + Installation from £199+VAT*
    • Chargers every EV on the market (you must bring your cable)
    • Basic socket with no auto-lock
    • Power Ratings: 3.7kW // 7kW // 11kW // 22kW
    • 3 year product warranty
    • Unique installation mechanism for quick deployment and future upgrades (see video)
    • Installation from our fully qualified regional installers. Click here to find your nearest installer.

    Standard version is 7KW with no cable. Also available with tethered cable.

  • EO Hub


    The OE HUB is a small internet connected box that plugs into a Genius charger and puts it online. A single EO HUB can connect up to 30 Genius chargers, making installing multiple smart chargers super cost effective. EO HUB allows you to control your Genius chargers via EO Cloud and the EO APP.

    • For maximum safety EO HUB monitors a buildings power supply and actively manages the load on multiple chargers.
    • Hardwire internet connection or GSM connection available.
  • EOBASICHome_charger

    EO Work Charger


    Our EO Work Chargers are ideal for charging-up at work. Plug and play or intelligent? Just add eoHUB to unlock all the software functionality (web-portal and smartphone app). OLEV Compliant = Charger + Installation from £199+VAT*

    • Simple and future proof EV charging solutions for your
    • Fully flexible and highly scalable with eoHUB
    • A fully tailored and turnkey solution built around your
      business needs
    • Account management and tailored support services
    • Capital purchase and lease options available
    • Installation from our fully qualified regional installers


  • New


    • eoMini – The smallest fast-charger on the market    
    • The eoMini is the smallest fast charger on the market; designed and built specifically for charging-up at home. 
    • Power Ratings: 3.6kW / 7.2kW 
    • Plug Type: Universal Socket (charges every EV on the market) 
    • Standard Colours: Silver / Black / White 
    • Branding Options: Pick any colour and add your logo 3 year product warranty. Min quantity required.
    • Available with optional Load management (ALM) 
    • Eligible for UK OLEV Home Charge Grant (£500)

    Data sheet for full specification. eoMini+Datasheet

    Contact us at [email protected] to discuss custom colours and bespoke branding.